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Remote Monitoring Systems

i-Diagnosis offers complete solution for setting up Remote & Mobile Monitoring Centers for Personalized Healthcare. This system is a medical network that collects, stores, analyzes, transmits and monitors in real-time all kinds of human life signs.

This platform combines the advanced computer technology, wireless communication and network communication technology to provide monitoring for all kinds of life signs at anytime, anywhere and make the "prevention-oriented" personalized healthcare possible.

This platform is not only a guardian of users’ healthcare, but also a mobile hospital and can provide 24 hours healthcare for users

It provides for

Ř  A  System for daily healthcare, disease monitoring and early warning medical service for sub-health people, aging people and people with high conscious of healthcare;

Ř  For Doctors an accurate life signs data of the patients for the whole treatment process to enable doctors prescribe the right medicine to patient and ensure the treatment efficiently;

Ř  Supplement for conventional equipment examination, an ideal and centralized life signs information platform for medical information sharing, medical research and disease survey.




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