Multiple Online / Virtual classroom environment for universities, schools, colleges, education service providers, corporate for their training programs - with their branding and/or from their own websites.


TutorOnline* is an easy to adopt solution for online / virtual education for universities, schools, colleges, tutorial service providers and corporate for their training programs. This solution provides them classroom like set up with capability of enrolling students from any where in the world with no geographical limits.


Multiple Classrooms:

This solutions enables multiple online / virtual classrooms of various sizes with facility of control panel to manage teachers conducting such classes. 


Easy Integration with existing set up.

This TutorOnline virtual classroom solution can easily be integrated with your existing systems and is highly extensible, making it possible for your organization to easily deliver compelling course offerings in your own website by adding the capability of live, online classes.

Full control of students, teachers and fee

Joining class by student and by the teacher does not require any log-in, they have just to click on the mail link provided to them by the system as a part of the scheduling class.


To begin

The interested organizations have to just buy classroom plan of the desired size and for the desired period from the pricing plan offered by us. On purchasing the plan you will be provided with the necessary details regarding setting up the classes, control panel, and guidelines for integration of the solution with your existing set up. 


Classroom Environmeent

The control and environment for each individual class is same as by a teacher / tutor for their respective class. To know more about it click here.


Programming Standards

The virtual classroom solution TutorOnline uses W3C standards (SOAP) so you can easily program in your favorite environment and programming language - such as .NET, PHP or Java.


For this integration APIs are available from us - You can download them from here - This can help organizations like:
  • A tutoring organization who wants to deliver courses online, through their own website
  • An educational institution, a school, university, or a community college who wants to offer classroom live discussion board through their own LMS or CMS such as Blackboard or Moodle
  • A learning management system (LMS) company who wants to offer an integrated virtual classroom solution to their customers


You can Easily Customize Virtual Classroom

You can Customize the look and feel of your virtual classroom to address your specific business need. You can

  • Customize the layout
  • Set an attendee limit of the class
  • Co-brand virtual classroom with your own logo etc.


* This solution is provided as per partnership agreement with WizIq.

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