Online / Virtual Classrooms with TutorOnline

You are an Expert teacher and want to take your teaching expertise beyond the four walls of traditional classroom; you can use TutorOnline* to fulfil this ambition and can reach the learners, wherever they are located without any geographical limitations.


With TutorOnline you get virtual classroom having very simple user interface which lets you focus on your teaching without bothering for the technology requirements.


TutorOnline provides a web based, on line solution for Virtual Classroom teaching in real time with synchronous communication environment between teachers and students, using video, audio and text chat. Students can see your live video and you can see student’s live video while hearing multiple voices over IP (VoIP).


With this solution you can schedule your classes, allow and control students to join classes and charge fee.


You can use a Whiteboard which is a 'one-stop-shop'- for all your teaching resources. Multiple tabs, Writing tools, Math symbols, Drawing tool and multilingual text tools – lets you teach exactly the way you would in a real classroom - with more versatile tools.


With a single click you can share Power Points, PDFs, whiteboards, web pages, even your entire computer screen with your students. With a click of a button you can pass controls like microphone or webcam or allow students to write on the whiteboard and speak.


You can upload 25 GB of documents, and these documents are readily available from any computer  and then every time you need to show a document or play a slideshow in the virtual classroom, just click a button.


This virtual classroom helps you to deliver narrated presentations and courses which can be recorded. These recorded classes, students can view on demand for revision to make up missed period or review before exam.


All above with a small cost and you can try for free for 15 days. To begin or to know more just contact us.


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Multiple Online / Virtual Classrooms with branding for Corporate

Educational Institutes (school, university or a community college) or Tutorial Organisations or Corporate Training Centres who want to take their teaching / training expertise beyond the four walls of their Institute; can use TutorOnline* to achieve this goal and can reach the learners, wherever they are located without geographical limitations and with their own branding and from their own websites.


Virtual classroom provided by TutorOnline can easily be integrated with their existing systems and is highly extensible, making it possible for the organization to easily deliver compelling course offerings in their own website by adding the capability of live, online classes.


The solution being offered uses W3C standards (SOAP) so programming can be done easily in any favourite environment and programming language - such as .NET, PHP or Java.


Organizations can conduct multiple classes of various sizes (number of students / attendees) simultaneously.


Organisations can Easily Customize the Virtual Classrooms being offered (the look and feel of the virtual classroom to address the specific business need). With the offered solution it is possible to


  • Customize the layout


  • Set an attendee limit of the class


  • Co-brand virtual classroom with own logo etc.


Schedule and deliver classes, View Recording, Upload Content.

Give live classes to a small group of students or to large audience


Simple, room-based pricing plans for a convenient monthly fee - no long term contract. You can try for free for 15 days. To begin or to know more just contact us.



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Moodle Classrooms using TutorOnline

Moodle users can augment their Virtual Classroom scenario by using TutorOnline solution. This solution works within Moodle (Moodle is an open source and free to use, course management system designed to help educators who want to create online courses. The software is used by several universities, schools, companies and independent teachers). TutorOnline solution provides for the  Virtual classroom functionalities such as  


Screen sharing

Co-brand Virtual Classroom

Blocking attendees

Changes of class date, time and other class settings

Secure classes and recordings

Download recordings

Class status and attendance report

Schedule a class for a group or groups in the course

No more requirement of soap module for installation


Live Class Modules are available for Moodle 1.9 as well as for Moodle 2.0.2

If you want to upgrade your current version of Moodle LMS 1.9 to 2.0.2, then you need to install the  Moodle module plugin 2.0 in order to use Virtual Classroom and Content Library in your website.

In case you don’t want to upgrade your Moodle installation from Moodle 1.9.0 to Moodle 2.0.2. you Can still install this moodle plugin 2.0?

This new plug-in is only for Moodle module users who want to install the new version, Moodle 2.0.2. If Moodle 1.9 users do not have the Moodle plugin 1.9 yet, they can get it from us and install the same. 

Please note: To receive the right version, you need to register yourself. If you are already a registered user, you need to sign in to recieve the latest version. 

For any queries or support, do write to us at



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