Online Virtual classroom environment for Tutors, Teachers, and individual trainers


TutorOnline* is an easy to adopt solution for online / virtual education for tutors, teachers and individual trainers. This solution provides them classroom like set up with capability of enrolling students from any where in the world with no geographical limits.


Familiar menu and shortcuts

There is no need to spend extra time and energy to get acquainted with the environment and remember the new shortcuts – we’ve tried to make it as simple and as familiar as it can be. Just like Windows it has File, Edit, Settings, etc., options and short cuts like - ctrl+c, ctrl+s, ctrl+v, etc.


Inside the Classroom

The collaborative web conferencing environment enables you to communicate synchronously using audio, video or text chat, interactive whiteboard and content sharing.

Live Chat

Virtual Classroom by TutorOnline provides a hassle-free two-way, real-time communication between the students and teacher through live chat. Similar to face-to-face conversation in the traditional, physical classroom, chat occurs between the teacher and student in real-time with immediate replies. A teacher can have private text chat with a student or with multiple students simultaneously


Live Video & Audio

The Virtual Classroom environment comprises of live audio/video streaming for all attendees. With built in flash technology and state of the art peer-to-peer technology just like Skype or ooVoo you can have seamless audio/video communication with multiple students – also have up to 4 live video streams at the same time in the virtual classroom. All this with no plug-in needed.


Teacher has complete control

Teacher can completely control students’ participation. The system has been designed  so that the teacher can teach effectively in the virtual classroom while reaching the overall goals. Teacher can allow students to speak in the class - by giving them the audio control, let them share their video - by giving them video control and allow them to write on the whiteboard - by giving them writing control. All these controls or any one of them can be taken and given by the teacher at any time during the classroom session.



Everything the teacher needs to write in the class is at the fingertips- Pen, Free hand, Text, geometrical shapes, symbols, graph, or images. Unlimited whiteboard tabs with rich features like copy, paste, undo, redo, drag and resize. Teacher can use digital pen or mouse pen whichever he / she feels comfortable writing with.




Math tool

With math tool box - alpha, beta, brackets, etc., – teacher can solve difficult math problems on the same workspace in real time.





With this white Board interesting thin is that the teacher and student can be in any screen size, the whiteboard fits the screen. Teacher /student can have a wider; better view with a bigger screen size, the whiteboard expands to take the whole space making teaching and interaction easy. You can minimize the right panel for bigger whiteboard area. Teacher / student can change the color of the whiteboard and rename it as per his / her requirement

Content / Documents Sharing

Pre-built content (up to 25 GB) can be uploaded in formats like Word, PDF, PowerPoint, Video, Audio, Flash, SWF files and Excel and during teaching session this content can be used from the content repository. Teacher can also upload them in the class or use Content feature in his/her account to upload beforehand.



Content Library

Using content feature provided in this solution teacher can save these files in the content repository and share them with his / her students in the Virtual Classroom. Teacher can upload files doc-docx, pdf, xls-xlsx, ppt-pptx-pps-ppsx, swf-flv and mov-avi-mpeg-wmv and wav-wma-mp3. Also embed videos from YouTube, presentations from authorSTREAM and documents from SlideShare to play in the Virtual Classroom. By uploading content  teacher can create his / her personal repository of content on this solution. Teacher can use this content in his / her virtual classroom; share it with his / her students, contacts and world.




Attendee Management

Not only that the separate toggle access to audio, video and writing features helps the teacher manage the attendees and writing allows attendee to write and upload, audio gives access to use microphone only, and video passes on right to use microphone and webcam both as indicated above, besides that every time a student enters or leaves a classroom, his log in and log out time is recorded. This process is conducted for all the students who enter the classroom. This way the number of students who attend the class and their time duration is detected and recorded. By the end of the class, the complete attendance report is available.

Teacher can use the report for their own record or send to the parents. They no longer have to worry about keeping a tab on the students; they can entirely focus on teaching. This attendance data can be sent to other applications like an attendance management system or a course management system.


Question / Test Papers and Conducting Test:
Teacher can plan and create their own question papers and conduct tests in an interactive manner or in written test. Teacher will have full control on the students appearing for the test and report of the timings.

That was all about our features in the Virtual Classroom. We invite you to test drive our solution for Virtual Classroom. Register / Contact us for the same. TutorOnline Virtual Classroom solution works invariably well for all browsers, major operating systems and on tablet PCs.

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