The Vehicle Tracking System being offered by i-Diagnosis s is a GPS based system that can track the position of the vehicles in real time and also record the events for later review. The solution is capable of tracking a fleet of vehicles and keeping the administrator informed on the location of the vehicles; and alerting in case of certain events. Law Enforcement Departments can locate stolen vehicles with the help of this real time tracking.

This vehicle tracking system comprises of a Gadget installed in a vehicle to be monitored through a Remote Management Station for centralized control and monitoring of every gadget in the fleet; and a communication system between the management station and the gadget. The gadget has a GSM/GPRS module, GPS module and a common application that controls both these modules. The management station utilizes the GSM/GPRS network to connect to the vehicle tracking gadgets powered by the Mobile to Mobile Technology.

Ambulance Tracking System (ATS) is a particular application of the generalized Vehicle tracking and management system (VTS) being offered by i-Diagnosis Technologies. Ambulance Tracking System aims at providing an efficient management of Ambulance Fleet o a Health Care Center. This facility is planned to be used for making available an Ambulance to a needy patient in a shorter possible time by redirecting the Ambulance from a nearby location rather than waiting for the Ambulance to return back to the Health Center and then to proceed to the next destination.

VTS System 

Possible Users 

Salient Features of the VTS

A.   Basic Features


B.       Optional Features


C.     Software Features


  1. Source
    v 800 mAH or 1200-mAH-battery backup
    v 100 mA average current

  2. Consumption v 1 . 4 W a v e r a g e w h e n f ully p o w e r e d , 6-36V DC operating n Antenna: Magnetic mountable GPS antenna to