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  i-Diagnosis Technologies  is a company that offers complete Information Technology Services for any Health Service sector Organization. Company's integrated Hospital Management System is being used by over One Hundred and Forty prestigious Hospitals of various size for last several years with complete satisfaction. Adoption of this system is under process by large number of Hospitals.

Company's Telemedicine System is well known for its Quality and ease. This is being used by very prestigious Health sector Corporate   as Hub in their Hospitals and being offered for Connectivity to remote hospitals with our services.  i-Diagnosis takes up turn-key assignments from inception to commissioning stage with continued maintenance services. The product range by the company covers all areas of Telemedicine including Telemedicine vans, and web based solution.

Company offers setting up of complete solution for Remote & Mobile Monitoring Centers for Personalized Healthcare. This system is a medical network that collects, stores, analyzes, transmits and monitors in real-time all kinds of human life signs. (ECG, EEG, Pulse Oximetry, Blood Pressure, Body Temperature, Ambulatory Urodynamics etc)

Vehicle / Ambulance Tracking System based on GPS, GSM and GPRS is another quality product being offered. RFID based solutions for large number of applications is also a product line of the company.

Company's Comprehensive Medical Tourism software solution, Business Process Management BPM tools, SMS based Smart Communication System and Touch Screen / Kiosk based Systems have well earned appreciation by user organizations.

 Our Mission

i-Diagnosis team is dedicated to improve access to medical care; and to improve the efficiency of healthcare information systems. i-Diagnosis team will continue to accomplish these goals by providing secure, interconnected, quality information technology software, hardware  and services at affordable prices." 


Our Visionision 

"To Provide integrated e-Solutions for comprehensive health system management"



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