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Communication Means





There are basically two types of solutions

1.       Point to Point : (i-Diagnosis Product TELE-TREATMENT)

This solution provides for connectivity between super specialist hospital on one end and the treating hospital or health center providing treatment  to the patient on the other side. The required software is loaded on both the sides for the video conferencing as well as for the transmission of the data which can be for any of the three products that is a) store and forward mode or b) real time / live data or c) continuous monitoring. The connectivity may be through ISDN lines or PSTN lines or through internet (broad band or leased line or through modem or V sat based ). The quality of connectivity has bearing. Better band width definitely results in faster and better quality data and conference comfort.

i-Diagnosis  software on treating hospital side can be installed by downloading the software through net.

Salient Features of this solution are:

  1. The system is database and hardware independent.

  2. The system architecture is modular and scalable,

  3. The GUI is very convenient and user friendly,

  4. The software is built on industry standards

  5. The system provides for logs, audit trail and back-up and restore facility

  6. It provides for the management information system - provides on-line and off-line statistical information for monitoring the overall performance,

  7. All screens of the system have a consistent look and every screen have date, time and station name, application name etc

  8. There is On-line help along with a help menu.

  9. The software is capable of processing of medical images as per DICOM 3.0 standard.

  10. The software is highly scalable.

  11. The software can use any network communication media like VSAT, Leased line, Broadband, ISDN, Wi-Max / Wi-Fi or PSTN.

  12. Allows access only after authorization using login process.

  13. Direct capture of data from devices, which are TWAIN compliant and video devices such as camera,

  14. Supports multiple medical modalities such as XRAY, MRI, Ultrasound, Blood Reports, ECG, etc

  15. .Has complete capability to acquire a DICOM3 part 10 compliant file from a DICOM device

  16. Support EMR building capability,

  17. The system has capability to add Inferences and Opinions of specialists

  18. .The system allows storing and viewing various image file formats (BMP, JPG, etc.)

  19. The system allows storing and viewing various document file formats (TXT, DOC, HTML etc.)

  20. The system allows storing and using Audio and Video files (AVI, MPEG, WAV, etc.)

  21. The software has the capability to send patientís medical data offline from one location to another

  22. The software has the facilities such that a user is able to collaborate over same data over the communication network.

  23. For The Diagnostic Support, software allows Integrated data viewer of all supported formats (Images, documents, DICOM, etc.)

  24. The software is able to centralize data on one system for easier data handling and maintenance

  25. Well managed Patient demographics & history.

  26. Display a list of doctors for selection to transfer patient data and get consultation.

  27. Simple language and easy to understand.

  28. Easy to operate and User friendly.

  29. Document selection by thumbnail.

  30. Patient data store in different folders decided by the status i.e. Local, Remote, and Forward.

  31. Very easy retrieval and viewing of patient data and images.

  32. Supports any standard printer to print the documents.

  33. Encrypted data, only permitted network can receive and read the data.

  34. Standard compression techniques maintain balance between size and quality of images.

  35. No loss in quality of data & images during transmission.

  36. Different levels of security at different usage levels for different users.

  37. Use of standard compression and encryption protocols.

  38. Use of Standard communication protocols.

Image Processing Features cover Adjustment of contrast and brightness, Color remapping, Invert Image, Writing and marking, Quantitative analysis (after calibration), measurement macros, Filters for areas of anatomical interest, Image optimization (region of interest), 10, 12, and 16-bit gray value processing, Window leveling, Pan Window View facility, Center / window presets, Image zooming, Magnifying glass, Rotating and reflecting, Image display in free windows, Cutting out areas, Processing of areas, Full screen display of images with interpolation, Image review, Printing with different layouts, Flip, Shear, De -skew, Resizing images, Data Set and Large no. of annotation tools.


2.       Web Based (i-Diagnosis Product WEB TELE TREATMENT)

The web based software has been basically developed in following three formats:

a) For Super specialist Hospitals for their world-wide offerings

b) For Medical Tourism Companies

c) For Rural or remote locations.

Since availability of web is gradually becoming feasible in very remote locations by use of GSM or   on a PC or lap top and conference can be carried out by use of web camera. i-Diagnosis telemedicine software  facilitates  remote / rural hospital to generate the patient file in most common HTML format and transfer it to any specialty hospital (even those hospital not having any telemedicine system) in any part of the world by using any type of communication mode and getting  the expert opinion for their patients.

I diagnosis Browser based software provides health care professionals secure access to stored physiological data from all most any network connection. The physiological monitoring and assessment software allows for  collection, storage, transmission, surveillance, and management of vital sign data from supported medical devices. Vital-sign and patient data with medical images is made available on any workstation connected to the network or Internet allowing health care providers at the point of care to receive supplementary medical services from health care professionals located off-site. All vital sign data is stored and archived on a centralized web-server within a patient electronic medical record allowing the data to be accessed at any time. 

  1. transmission of vital signs and medical images over the Internet, LAN and wireless networks.

  2.  stored physiological data, and client's medical history can be securely shared and accessed from all most any network.

  3. Confidential and secure data transmission and centralized storage, secure login Id and Password with optional data encryption, VPN & 128bit SSL.

  4. Support for ECG rhythm and ST alarms.

  5. Customizable monitoring screens (color, size, and trend display)

  6. Instant message capabilities for continuous communication with your care group.

Audio-Video Communication

 i-Diagnosis  : Low-bandwidth Browser-based IP Video-Audio Conferencing Engine"

i-Diagnosis enterprise server software web-based video conferencing system that allows users to view, transmit, record, and communicate audio and/or video over low bandwidth IP networks. Using I diagnosis low-bandwidth technology, users can communicate online audio and/or video on any IP connection over 16K.

i-diagnosis solution provides most of the basic needs of any telemedicine program. Video conf is easily customized to allow for the deployment of various types of remote audio video conferencing applications.


  1. Consistent Quality: Audio and Video quality automatically optimized by prioritizing bandwidth allocation by picture size, frame rate, image resolution, and audio performance providing consistent performance.

  2. Highly Scalable: Supports a wide variety of Client computer, and network bandwidth

  3. Highly Secure: NAT/PAT Firewall enabled

  4. Dynamic Bandwidth Adaptation: Adapts video quality according to available network bandwidth and processor resources.

  5. Web Camera Support: Supports most off the shelf web-cameras

  6. connection running off a single browser from anywhere in the world.





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